11:00 pm

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Crossed into Rajasthan and arrived at our kickass Airbnb! It's open and airy and furnished with wood pieces and twisted metal statues and lush house plants. There's a solarium with a hammock overlooking the pink city's rooftops, and our host is bringing us breakfast and chai there tomorrow. I'm not mad about it. (Fun fact I just learned, chai actually means tea, so when you order a "chai tea" you're actually ordering a "tea tea", which is understandably not super helpful. Masala chai is what most people are thinking of, and it's completely delightful here).

I'm glad to be sticking to Jaipur for the next couple of days, the driving heavy legs are not the best of the trip. For three people spending as much time together as we are I think we've kept conversation rolling pretty well, but after 5 hours spent zipping past trucks and motorcycles, everybody's tapped out.

Our host is a delight. She's a short sturdy older woman who seemed to radiate good cheer and self assurance as she called up tea and arranged a driver and generally streamlined our stay. Her husband is one of the top sculptures in India (his work is all around the space here and it's divine), her daughter and son are a graphic and a fashion designer respectively (one of whom is "traveling for some time in South Africa") and I want her to adopt me so I can be as cool as apparently this whole damn family is. Anyways, I'm exhausted and have the best shower and the most comfortable bed of the trip so far calling my name.

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