15 Jul 2014

Montreal by michelleberenst


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My last day in Montreal and it's a rainy one. I had planned to do a little shopping, although not much else will fit in my luggage, and it was the perfect day for it. Going through anything from major department stores such as Simons (love that place) to small boutiques to souvenirs shops, The Underground has anything you're looking for and I definitely found a few cute buys.

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I had seen several of these around Montreal, but hadn't gotten to try one yet so to escape the rain and relax my feet after shopping, I stopped at 3 Brasseurs for lunch. It's a microbrewery/gastropub where they have the standard food items (salad, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, etc) but tell you what beer it is best combined with. This location was huge, but the service was fantastic. The exposed brick and open windows made for a fun atmosphere and although I could have done without so many tvs, it is definitely worth going!

Also, their menus resemble a newspaper style and are adorable.