11:00 am

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In the late morning I rented a bicycle. I wanted to bike across town to buy El Toro; a box of fireworks in the shape of a bull. During New Years festivities these Toro's were the crowd movers of the party. How El Toror works: hold the box over your head, lite it up, then run like hell.

When I arrived at the market behind the stadium at 11am, it was nothing more than a field with about 15-20 stalls. They all sold only one thing: fire works. With my new found Spanish skills I walked through all the stalls and none of them had El Toro. Fuck that! What?!

One of the merchant women told me I was too late. Just 20 minutes ago a gringo came to the market. He bought all the El Toro's in Granada. I was out of luck. There was to be no El Toro to have. The only way to get El Toro is to find that man or the party where all the Toros would be at.

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