3:30 pm

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After a 5:30 am pickup and arduous ride through a jungle, we finally arrive at a port where we were taken to the San Blas archipelago. All the islands were owned and run by the indigenous people. We were instructed to pack light as there was no phone signal and very little electricity.

When we arrived at the island we were given our huts and immediately taken on a tour of the surrounding islands. The ride there was beautiful. The island were very small. Some only big enough for just one house. Our first destination was dog island. Sadly it was a small island over run with tourists. The only exciting thing was snorkeling around the sunken boat. The second place was the natural pool. That was a mass of land where you can stand on in the middle of the ocean. We went to lunch on an island with a single restaurant on it. We finished off at another small island where we could swim around.

The tour was made enjoyable by our two young guides were two young German girls who were traveling the region. Tika and Kira. They were a ball of fun and were so happy to make the tour enjoyable.

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