11:30 pm

Star 0


One thing about the San Blas Islands I can't complain about is the beautiful clear starry nights. With barely any light contamination, the stars and milky way were visible. I waited till it was bed time and lights out on the island. I then ventured the beaches in search of the perfect angle to get some great astrophotography. I could see the stars and the Milk Way galaxy. That's always exciting for me.

David tagged along for some fun. While we were walking along the beach in the middle of the night, something washed on shore. It looked like a feint blinking light of a cell phone or something. When we went to scoop it out of the sand, it was just a feint grain of sand. We were perplexed and went to search for more. When we waded into the water knee deep we could barely see glimmers of light. When we started to stir our hands around in the water, magic happened. Our hands stirred up light particles. It was like stirring around fireflies that were underwater. It was the first time in our lives we saw bio luminescence. David and I were in utter awe. It was not bright enough for a cell phone to see, it was only visible to the naked eye. In our delighted and amazed state, we continued to stir the water and watch the magic happen. It looked like we were waving around a wizard's wand leaving behind a trail of light particles.

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