9:00 pm

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During dinner I went to Captain Caribe for the best burger in town. It was quite delicious and I also met a cool group of Irish travelers, two girls and one guy. One girl Growanya was a super tall blonde girl. I mean she could barely fit into places cause she was so tall.

Later that night we all went on a pub crawl together. They were actually super nice people and serious drinkers. The Irish would be proud. While we sat around a couch area, we were improperly seated. Growanya got up and walk right over and sat down next to me to talk. Quite friendly and confident girl. As medium height guy, I love taking on tall awkward girls. I somehow look at them and have a burst of confidence. And the more I drank the more confident I got. Unfortunately she revealed she had a boyfriend. By the time we got to the third bar I didn't give a shit. While we both stood at the pier in the back of the bar, I put my had around the small of her back. I pulled her towards me, and leaned upward to kiss this super tall girl. I stood on my tippy toes, stretched my neck up and was only able to get half way. I heard her say, "Haha, you can't reach me." Her height was also a convenient defense. We joined back with the group and danced the night away.

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