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On the night of my flight, I enjoy one final dinner in the modern world at Quynh and Uffe's home. After a delicious steak and wine dinner was done we finish it with some delicious chocolate truffles.

I arrive at SFO. I was feeling proud I packed very light for my two month trip; one carry on bag and one shoulder bag. The fantasies of my future adventures playing in my head were abruptly interrupted by the TSA security alarm. A guard immediately walked up and asked me to step aside. The chocolate truffle wrapper in my pocket had triggered the alert. The stern man escorted me to a back room. He had a very serious look. He snapped on the rubber gloves and gave me the full North to South. Just like my other "first time", it was over in two minutes and I cried a little at the end.

I am excited for this trip. In searching for the best (cheapest) destination in Central America, I found a super cheap ticket to Cancun, Mexico for $141 bucks. That's not even enough money to put gas into the plane. Some years back I traveled to Guatemala for a work project so I had some clue of what was to come. The 3 years of Spanish classes in high school will come in handy when I need to whip out some broken Spanish. I didn't bother to immunize myself because there were too many countries to get shots for. No malaria pills either. Not even a bottle of Robitussin. I did pack shades, sandles, and sunscreen. I was ready.

I know what the American life is like: all work and no travel. So when I am in between jobs I immediately get on a plane and don't look back. My previous job ended right before the holidays. I planned to travel all through the Christmas season and then some. I rented my SF apt out. Everything fell into place, now it's time for some fun.

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