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One of the biggest days of the year had arrived: the day of Maria Guadalupe. The apparition of Maria Guadalupe legitimized Christianity in Mexico and Central America. The celebration of this matriarch was a big.

The night before Leti and a large group of women from the church prepared an epic meal for the parishioners. It included the killing of about 100 chickens. When Leti told us the story, she gestured with her hands how they had to snap the neck of the chickens one by one. She and her female companions stayed up the entire night to prepare the meal.

After class I came back home where Tuly took me to the church. She was going to drive me on the motorbike, but I told her full grown man can't sit on the back of a motorbike with a teen girl driving. So she gave me the keys and I drove while she pointed. It felt nice to be back on a motorbike again. She took me to the lunch spot where all the parishioners gathered. It was a make shift community area between two houses. It was only accessible through a side alley. I had a simple meal of chicken soup and tortillas. I went to the back kitchen area to sneak a shot of the women who worked through the night to prepare our meal.

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