10:00 am

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After the plane landed, the shuttle took me to town but first it heads through the Hotel Zone, aka the strip, aka little America. It was a long series of private all inclusive hotels along the water all joined by a commercial downtown. In the downtown there was Niketown, Forever 21, McDonalds and so on. American couples lined the streets walking in flip flops doing their casual shopping. The sight of this place made me feel like I was still in America. My great travel adventure had not begun. In my mind I was pretending this was a transit point and that my adventure would begin later.

After thirty minutes on the shuttle we finally reached the city of Cancun and that was the first time I saw regular Mexicans who live in Mexico. I was happy to be in a hostel away from the Hotel Zone and right in the heart of the residential downtown. Finally I was able to breath.

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