07 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


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On the downtown strip of La Fortuna all the travel shops were selling the same packages. One of the most popular excursions was the waterfall repelling. The package included: the descent down three water falls by repelling and zipline.

I was very impressed how well the tour was organized. The guides were a group of young men who were very excited and fun. I suspect without the tour, they would still be a ball of laughs.

The lush jungle was an amazing backdrop to our adventure. The trees and vegetation put me in awe.

We were shuttled deep into the jungle where we started at the top of the first waterfall. The first waterfall was also the highest. When I stepped over the edge and looked down I immediately got scared. I was scaling down the side of a cliff right next to a pouring waterfall. It was beautiful and frightening at the same time. Agatha, the tourist before me in line, caught up to me and passed me. I guess I kind of froze out of fear and awe.

On the second descent we begin on top of another waterfall. Upon dropping down I was looking at a waterfall through a hole. It was so beautiful. I have never been up close to such a wonderous sight. Unfortunately for me, my camera was pointed at my face. At the bottom of the waterfall the guide swings me over into the waterfall for a nice dip.

Crossing the second water fall we use a zip line to cross the canyon. Once I reach the middle of the canyon, I got dropped straight down to the base of the waterfall. It was so scary/thrilling I had to fight the urge to close my eyes. When I looked back on the video I saw that my face did not express delight, but shear utter fear.