13 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


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Today I went to Albrook to buy a Tica bus ticket and had lunch at the mall On the way back home I decided to take a cab to the national park. The cabbie quoted me 5 dollars. That was already too much but I took it. Half way through he decides to up the price to 7 dollars. With my ok Spanish I refused the new price. For the rest of the ride, we proceed to argue/haggle of the price. At one point he even fakes stopping the car to drop me off only half way. But I remained calm and adamant I wouldn't pay. Finally he dropped me off at the destination. It was very uncomfortable to be stuck in a car and having to argue with a person. On the return trip an honest cabbie took me back for three bucks.

I walk back along Balboa waterway. It was great for people watching. Later that night I went to Trump Tower and casino. At the view from the bar on the 66 floor was spectacular.