16 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


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On the night of second day I grilled the main guy of the island about why everyone else had a tour and I didn't. He said today I would be able to get on a tour. I used my best Spanish to expound on about how his promise had to be reliable. His word was true and that it was a solid promise. He kept saying "yes, yes, yes, I am speaking the truth."

This morning we woke up and waited for the boats to come. When it came, they took the usual suspects. The tour guide told me and Elizabeth were not allowed to go with him. Again. But since I had held the main man to his word, I was allowed to join the tour. Elizabeth was left behind again.

And yet strangely, after all the haggling the tour on the third day went to the similar destinations as the first day. We even went to the natural pool again. It was rather disappointing. When we returned home, I was glad to leave this tourist trap.

The whole thing about this being an experience where you will be living with the indigenous people on Caribbean island was just the brochure info. I should have known that if it was written about on travel websites that it was not going to be untouched or authentic as I had hoped. But as with many experiences that I had, sometimes it was not the place that made the story, but it was the people. And in all honesty I was happy to meet the people who shared this common experience.