17 Dec 2015

Central America by beginswithq


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Just as I was coming home from dinner, a large gathering of adults and kids gathered in front of the hostel. It was the Christmas parade of the Mayatan Bilingual school. As an avid parade photographer I couldn't help myself. The kids were in costume. It was cuteness overload for me.

I went straight into photographer mode. There were some challenges to the shoot. The parade occurred during sunset. So I had to change the camera settings as I went. I lost a bunch of photos since sometimes I had to adapt as the sun light disappeared. The kids were in constant motion. They needed to be called in order to get their attention. By the time I was done, it was night time and my settings had changed entirely. It was such a good learning experience.

Even though I am in a foreign country, seeing the children, their teachers, and parents at this parade reminds me who we are all the same after all. The innocent look on the kids and the pride on the faces of the parents transcends cultural differences. They were such a beautiful sight.