18 Dec 2015

Central America by beginswithq


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I take a tour of one of the most artistic cities from the ancient Maya world. They have so much art preserved. While other Mayan cities are structural in there appearance, Copán was both structural and rich with art. So much of their sculptures, reliefs, and statues were preserved here. I got a much better visual understanding of their kings, myths, and values. There is a wealth of cultural history here. For me, seeing Copán completes all the major Mayan cities I wanted to see. While I am still missing Palenque and Mirador, Copán itself is the richest in terms of history, art, and visual artifact of the Mayan civilization. The beauty of the art is breath taking.

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With my meager Spanish, I thwarted this street kid from selling me shit. But when she turned to walk away I asked if she was hungry. She responded yes. I immediately asked her to join me for lunch. I bought her a meal. Her name was Cecilia, she is 9 years old. Her 4 year old sister came out to share in the meal also. I bought them another to go meal for dinner and gave them my water.

The whole incident made me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I was able to give them a nice meal. Sad because I could only change their day.