18 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


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I traverse the entire city looking to get a sense of the life. I take a cab to Harbor view for a nice vista and lunch. After being burned by previous cabbies, when I would negotiate the price of the ride first. When I entered, and before they could begin haggle me for more money, I start recounting the details of how the previous cabbies have been trying to rip me off. I keep mentioning about how hard it is to meet an honest cabbie in this town. With my broken Spanish I babbled on about honesty and how I needed someone to give me hope that society here was good. It was a shield that I was using to prevent further scamming. It worked well as the cabbies would then to sympathize with me instead of attempting to gouache me for more.

At the end of the day I decided to escape downtown all together. I ventured to San Miguelito to see what some of the shops and neighborhoods looked like. Going off deep into these areas where kind of exciting to me, it's nice to escape the tourist areas and see where the locals lived.