19 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


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I went out to explore the night life. I ran into Annie and Rebecca, who were also traveling from through Central America, at a local diner. Annie joined me while Rebecca retired for the night. We picked up two more travelers, Doris and Shawn, on the way and ended up at the Iguana Surf Bar to get our groove on. At the bar a local Panamanian engaged us. She was a petite older woman who looked like she was having a good time. She danced with me at first quite a bit. Since we were all kind of strangers we danced as a group but on our own. Just having a good time. But the Panamanian woman kept getting very close to me. Her dance style was more like Caribbean dance hall style; she grinded her ass against my pelvis. She kept 'backing that ass up" into me. I accepted this as just her way of dancing until she got touchy feely. As she was rubbing up against me, she reached around and grabbed my dick. Not my style, so I back away.

She got the hint and started dancing with Annie and the other guy from our group. After some more drinking and dancing ensued, she finally rotated back to me. She backed up into as usual. But then she mixed it up this time. She grabbed both of my hands and pulled them forward and slide them down the side of her pelvis. Just when I beginning to feel uncomfortable she went for gold. She quickly pulled my hands up and put them right on her breasts. I closed my eyes out of disgust and yanked my arms away. When I opened my eyes, I say a guy across the bar hold up his drink and say, "yeah!" as if to toast me. I moved away from her asap.

Afterwards when we left as a group, I was recounting the tale to my friends. Annie and Shawn both said she felt them up also. I guess I wasn't the only one that was violated by Ms. Touchy Feely. That was the only comforting aspect of that night.