24 Jan 2016

Central America by beginswithq


Star 4



58 days traveled
18 cities and 8 countries seen
2 languages spoken
1 new scar

2,123 miles traveled
10 miles by boat
443 miles by shuttle
1,623 miles by bus

Countless fried chicken plates

Language Abilities
- I can speak just enough Spanish
- On the streets I was able to ask for directions and understand what was told to me
- When haggling at the markets or dealing with taxi drivers I can put up a reasonable defense. I actually don't like the activity since it can be stressful at times.
- One on one extended conversations gets really tough for me.

Social situations
- I want more experiences that allow me to be a part of the culture. At times I prefer to hang out more locals over other travelers.
- I'm a social person, but I in some social situations I can really feel lonely in a crowded room

A Renewed Perspective
- Meeting locals, living with families, being a part of the Central American culture has given me a view of what life is like there
- I feel connected more to a universal human experience
- Americans barely travel, so when I meet a European I connect with them much faster. In many ways I feel more like a global citizen.

I don't know when I will be able to travel such an extensive time like this again. I cherish these travel adventures that open my eyes to world around me. It enriches my own life.