29 Nov 2015

Central America by beginswithq


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My friend Uli had been here. I read about it in many websites. I was so excited for this new attraction.

The story goes like this: A couple of years back hurricane El Niño devastated the coral reefs of this region. In order for the reefs to grow and come back to life here, the humans had to stay away and let the reefs grow on their own. But the town of Cancun still needed an attraction for the divers and snorkelers. So they came up with the idea of making an underwater museum on another part of the bay. They hired a famous British sculptor Jason deCaires. He made molds from local volunteers. The hundreds of statues were then submerged in the bay. Over time the coral began to grow on the statues, uniting art and nature to make a truly unique exhibit.

The experience of this dive was absolutely surreal. To be 20 feet underwater, breathing like vulnerable human out of his element, and being surrounded by a large group of statues of people was soooo strange. The experience was very enjoyable except for one thing: Coco Bongo's revenge.

I had a mean hang over from the night before. On the way boat ride in I was already feeling the headache. By the time we descended to statues, I was at my limit. I needed to puke. The diving leader was taking care of another group member who was too far away from me. I was on my own. I prepared myself and recalled all the nights of partying and what was about to happened. I needed to have a controlled vomit and remember not to inhale afterwards.

"You can do this. You're a professional party goer. You have been known to puke, clean up after yourself, then go back to the party. You can do this." I thought to myself. And with that took off my breathing apparatus and vomited underwater for the first time in my life. It was strange. Two things happened. Firstly, the vomit came out of my mouth then went straight up to the surface. Secondly, the fishes swarmed around the vomit and ate it all up. After that I was right as rain.