02 Feb 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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After a day of shopping and swimming we got a pizza and headed for the bus station. Since our bus to 1770 was leaving at 5:30 we figured it would be a good idea to bring dinner along with us.
Ready for our 9 hour ride we settled into our seats and began watching the films that were playing on the screens.
I dozed off here and there until approximately 1:30am knowing that we would be getting to our stop within a half hour. As we approached a convenience store lit up amongst the dark, the bus driver pulled over. He flicked on the lights and proceeded to call up the passengers for 1770 to the front of the bus for a moment.
I walked to the front and then he proceeded to explain to us that we cannot get into 1770 tonight due to the roads being flooded. He gave us the option of hoping out here (25km from town) to wait for the next bus or to continue onto our next location.
Since it was the middle of the night we chose to continue on to the next location considering we were in the middle of nowhere.
After another hour and a half we pulled into the bus station in Bundaberg. Since we were now a few days early Kaity was not expecting us yet, so we began searching for a hostel to book into. With the time being 3:30am we were in no luck so Lauren, myself and Reina (a girl from Alaska) made our way over to the 24 hour McDonalds to use their wifi to contact Kaity.
At around 6:45am Kaity came to pick us up, offering for us to stay a few extra days and brought us out to the house.
After breakfast we caught a cat nap in order to catch up on the nights missed sleep.