13 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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A full day and a half later, 3 flights, and 25 hours of flying we have arrived at our fist location.
Chill blue backpackers Inn (hostel)
After getting off our plane we had a few things we wanted to take care of while we were there. We exchanged money, got a local cell phone plan, and figured out how to get to our hostel.
We hopped on the train (subway) and headed towards downtown.
Waking out of the train station we entered onto a cute little street where there seemed to be quite a few interesting shops and dining places.
Not far down the street, I spotted the sign for our hostel. We signed in, found our room and finally relaxed.
Now organized, showered and oriented it's time to do some sight seeing....!