14 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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On our way down to the Botanical Gardens to view the other half of the park, and the Sydney Opera House we stopped by St Mary's Cathedral.
The previous day we walked passed it on our way out of the park on our way to the Strand Hotel for dinner and we briefly paused to admire the architecture and craftsmanship of the gorgeous building.

As we walked around it this morning we stopped at the large opened wooden doors of one of the side entrances. I suggested we see if we can go in and check it out, so we did.

The interior was massive, with a hall on each side with a couple pews and a central area filled with pews. There were plenty stained glass windows, columns, statues, and and people; some there to worship and some to just admire the craftsmanship of the building.

Unsure of whether we would be able to snap a few pictures we decided against it until we reached the other end of the church and saw a few other people taking photos as well.
I took out my phone and made sure the flash was turned off before taking a few photos myself.

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As we strolled through the gardens, checking out the fernery a sectioned off part where there were several different types of ferns all planted beside one another with explanations of how fiddle heads are edible and popular back in the day, and even how lady gaga can be related to ferns (weird). The ponds were full of ducks, Australian white ibis, and a few other species we have yet to determine.

Once we made it in sight of the Opera House we stopped on the grass underneath a large fig tree to grab a snack and take a rest from the sun as it was mid day and reaching approx 36 degrees.

Before setting out to explore the opera house we guessed how many steps it would take to reach the top. My guess: 85, Lauren's guess: 80, the actual number of stairs was 74. We weren't too far off

Most of the doors were locked except for the box office doors and the ones leading down to the car parking spots. The interior of the halls are a mixture of concrete and wood with a seamless finish to them. There were paid tours you could take to see the remainder of the building but instead we went to the gift shop and browsed at the postcards that had pictures of the interior concert hall instead.