22 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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With an early wake up Catherine, Rowan, Lauren and I stumbled out of the house and into the car to catch our 7am flight.
At the airport we said out final goodbyes and parted our separate ways.
We were flying out of the brand new terminal with tiger air so the set up of checking in was a little different. I don't think I have ever made it through the check in process and security so quickly. It took us only about 10 minutes and we were done and waiting for our gate to open. I was very impressed at the simplicity of their systems.
Once on our flight I napped on and off, and when my watch said 9:30 I started to wonder how far we were away as we were supposed to land for 9:30. That's when it dawned on me, I forgot about the time change, once in Cairns we were now an hour behind Melbourne.
After chatting with a lovely volunteer at the airport we decided to hop in a cab to get to the Sunland Leisure Park where we'd be staying.

The day flew by, we waited out the mid day heat by cooling off in the pool with canvas triangular overhangs to shade you from the sun, and eventually made our way over to the grocery store to purchase our food for the next few days. Since we had access to a fridge we got a few more fresh things this time around.

When we returned we hopped in the pool again to cool off as it's much more humid here, then we went to visit the office and see what was in the area and where would be the best spot to go snorkelling for the next day. We ended up purchasing our tickets to get on a ferry and head over to green Island for the day. Once the tickets were booked we prepared everything we needed for the following day that night since we needed to be on the city bus for 7:40 in order to be checked in by 8:30.