24 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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With it being our last day in Cairns we decided we should try and explore at least one more attraction, but with Lauren feeling congested we took it easy for the morning. I lounged in my hammock, sketched and listened to the birds chirp in the trees around me.
As the day warmed up we took a dip in the pool to refresh, and began organizing what we wanted to do for the day.
The lagoon was on the top of our list and worked nicely with not needing much energy to get there. We grabbed our swim suits, a snack and some water and made our way to the bus stop.
The lagoon is an outdoor public pool, which is free to visit it is one of the first pools I have visited that have an infinity ledge over looking the ocean, and a sand beach sloping into the cemented pool on the opposite side, complete with water fountains in the Center and palm trees lining the edges. The temperature of the pool was similar to the ocean, warm but still refreshing.
After our first swim, we went and sat in the shade beside the walking path, I only sat for so long before I got up and wandered over to the ledge, where I sat dangling my feet over an approximate drop of only 8 ft. The tide was out so at that time it was just a giant mud flat, presenting a range of crabs and small insects that were being picked up by the birds circling around. Soon after sitting in the sun for about 10 minutes I made my way back to the pool while Lauren rested. I swam around a little and took a couple photos before resting on the ledge staring out into the ocean.
Once i was partially dried off we made our way over to the restrooms to change before walking a few of the downtown streets. With our first few steps back into the streets we met a group of guys pushing a cart (trolley) filled with beers, enjoying themselves a little too much for the current time of day. We passed by declining their offer for a beer and continued making our way back in the general direction of the bus station.
When we reached the bus stop we still had about 15 minutes of wait time and before we really even had a chance to sit down a young guy by the name of Aaron approached us with an eager attempt at chatting about anything and everything. Before long it was clear that he was quite flamboyant and had some sort of hyper active disorder. In the end he told us he is adhd, and therefore confirming my theory. Lauren still not feeling well sat quietly while I listened to him go on about a wide range of things telling me story after story. In the end he talked for the entire wait time for the bus, and the entire time he was on the bus with us and overall keeping me quite entertained for the journey back to our campsite.