28 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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Arriving in Townsville we lounged in the grass for an hour or so figuring out out our plan for the time we were here since we knew that it would fly by quite quick.
Once groceries and dinner were underway we grabbed our things and began our ascent. We took the goat trail up which close to the beginning had a sign explaining the trail and how overall it was 10,000 steps.
With it beginning to get dark we made our way up the hill carefully watching for snakes taking one step at a time.
Rounding the corner it brought us out to the road just as it began to be dark enough for a flashlight.
Around the next bend up the road was the car park for the viewing platforms. The breeze at the top felt amazing drying away the sweat from our workout up the hill. When we stopped at the first platform two guys on bicycles road up and sat down for a break. We got to talking about mountain biking and found out they are all flying to New Zealand on the 12th of Feb. ride the trails at Rotorua, a ritual they have been doing for years. Needless to say I am now super excited to get to Rotorua and get back on a bike. Maybe I'll be able to convince Lauren to go for a ride too!
The view from the top looking down on Townsville was very pretty, with all the lights lighting up the skyline. In the bay the buoys blinked red and green lighting the way to Magnetic Island.
Satisfied with the views from the platforms we visited we began making our way back down this time taking the road with no more daylight left. The road wound its way down the hill bringing us out on the other side of the hill. We were able to navigate our way back to the most part by basing the location off of the hillside and the side of the rock face we started at.
Due for a shower we each took our turns and got our things ready for the following day before retiring for the night.