31 Jan 2016

Heading Down Under - Aussie Land by valeriepeltier


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With it being 33 degrees, sunny and no wind, we decided to get a few things done today. First thing this morning we washed all our clothes, grocery shopped for our time in Airlie, then caught up with parents and went for a swim. It was a sticky hot day and best spent by the pool.
We ended up waiting for the days heat to pass first before heading into town to check out the local shops and the vibe of the town.
We shopped around a little wandering in most stores, but since it was Sunday there were a few that were closed already. As we were making our way up the strip we could hear music coming from one of the court yards. When we checked it out we found 3 guys up on stage performing for a small audience. We sat for a little while listening to the familiar song covers and then made our way to catch our bus in order to get back to camp to prep dinner.
With the intent of going back into town to listen to some more live music, we ate dinner, and when it came time to gather our things and head out, we decided with the short amount of time left we would be better off going tomorrow instead.
In the end we ended up going for another swim to try and cool off before climbing into our tent for the night since it was still very hot and sticky out.