27 Nov 2015

Peru by isabelle


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It's been a busy week getting work wrapped up. Both John and I could definitely use more sleep. On Thanksgiving before headed to my parents' for dinner, I dialed into scrum because I had some questions to check with my team. I awkwardly waited through the whole group, and scrum master went "Isabelle your turn."

"Umm... Yesterday I did x, y, z and today I'm going on vacation."

Eventually we sorted out the questions so finally I turned off work email and calendar. We are en route to Lima. First, layover in Houston!

Since we will be backpacking for most of Chile, we are bringing the bare minimum. My pack: 2 hiking pants, 1 thick tights, 2 synthetic long sleeves, 1 dress (wearing on the plane), 1 sleeveless blouse, 2 tank tops for layers, snow gloves, muffler, beanie, 2 pairs of wool socks. For electronics, I have 1 solar charger, 2 batteries, camera charger, extra camera batteries and SD cards, and the newly arrived Xiaomi Yi sports camera. Not pictured are my North Face jacket, undergarments, small bag of toiletries, and my small cross body bag that holds my camera. We are bringing the XT1 to South America with us (J really wanted to bring the medium format but the weight deterred us.)

Oh we brought a selfie stick too. Haha.