6:00 pm

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Slept in a little bit in an attempt to make up for the lack of sleep the day before. After some tea and sleep, my stomach was feeling much, much better and I was ready to get into the city.

Apparently I have arrived during a very rare warm period. Much warmer than anticipated, and I don't have many t-shirts or light pants. Although the weather is beautiful, I am a little sweatier than I would like to be.

First stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park. There were lots of statues that you're allowed to touch or sit on, so there were lots of...creative poses that I came up with.

It's a large park, and there were so many people out tanning or playing games on the lawn. I wish that people were still as excited to get out and enjoy the sun back in the states. I feel like more people look for ways to stay out of the sun rather than enjoy it.

After walking around the museum and having maybe a little too much fun taking photos, Arlene and Peder took me to a Chinese restaurant.

Kind of a slow day, but was still able to see a good portion of the city and try some new things.

Sites seen: Vigeland Park and Museum, various streets and parts of Oslo through driving
Foods: HUGE breakfast consisting of pastries, fruit, and omelet, and toast with Norwegian cheese.

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