6:00 pm

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We stopped for dinner at some little hotel that I don't remember the name of, and then at a strawberry farm. Hans bought a crate full of strawberries and I spent the next hour or so just eating them because I've found that these Norwegian strawberries are a thing for good reason. Everywhere I've been, I've had people ask if I've tried them yet, and it's an important question. I have tried them - and they are amazing. I do not like strawberries, but these are not strawberries. They are the nectar of the gods.

Now we're at Trollstigen, which is basically an incredibly curvy road in an incredibly beautiful place. We walked along the pathway and I stood over all the grates where you can just see straight to the bottom.

Apparently "Trollstigen" means "troll road" and I guess it makes sense. It seems like the kind of place trolls would live and try to trick you.

I love the colors and shapes of the rocks here. And with it getting cloudy and dark, it makes everything a little more fantastic and unreal.

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