2:00 pm

Star 1


So the fortress is pretty cool. Technically it's still an active Royal residence so not everything is made to look like it would have hundreds of years ago. I was the only person there aside from the employees and guards, and I was totally okay with that. Well, until I found myself all alone in the crypt. And the lights flickered. As it was raining and cold. Yeah - I ran the entire way up the stair and may or may not have freaked out a bit. But don't worry - I took a selfie first.

It was like that time in France where we were in the crypt that was only lit with lanterns and had creepy speakers that whispered things to you in French. I thought we'd reached the end and I leaned against a rail only to hear a voice start whispering in my ear. I literally screamed and then my sister did and everyone around us jumped. Then I realized what had happened and everyone started laughing - me included. Good times, good times.

The other rooms open for your were pretty neat as well. I loved the ancient tapestries and that awesome feeling of walking through history that comes with every old monument I visit.

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