4:00 pm

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So I've still got hours left before I have to meet up for dinner. I can't sit outside in the park because the rain has gotten a lot more intense. I've seen everything that peaks my interest, and I'm almost too broke to do much else.

I found Oslo City and stayed there for a while. It's a giant, giant mall with multiple Starbucks on every level and more stores than I've ever seen in one place. I found an Oasis London store and got a shirt that I couldn't resist, then found a tea store. Tea stores are my weakness. I bought a lot of tea and smelled all of them probably twice. Thankfully the guy was very interested in me and where I was from so I wasn't too much of a bother - I hope.

There were also like 12 H&Ms. And not normal ones. There were ones just for athletic wear, hair accessories, underwear, and tops. Not even pants - just tops. I can't even remember if I got anything - it was all so different.

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