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Instead of arriving at our scheduled time, we ended up getting to our hostel at 2:30am. Our flight from Sydney to Christchurch was delayed by about an hour, and then on top of that due to our gear that we were carrying our tent was subject to being washed down before being allowed into the country. Although there were a few extras that we weren't planning for it all went quite smoothly. When we got outside our shuttle bus was still there (thank god), so we hopped in and told him our destination. Of course we were the last ones to be dropped off, so after our long detour around the city, we finally made it to Point Break Backpackers.

After sleeping for about 7 hours, not bad for being awake for 24 hrs straight, I got up, cleaned up and grabbed some breakfast. By 11 we were on our way out the door, to run and catch a bus. We wanted to head to the Lyttelton market since it was only open on Saturday, as we climbed on the bus we weren't sure whether or not we would make it in time, but we figured we would try. The lady at the reception desk told us it closed at 1pm, so depending on bus transfer times we could have still made it there with 45 min to look around. Unfortunately we missed the transfer bus by about 10 minutes, so instead we walked around the Eastgate mall, then bussed over to The Palms shopping Center in order for Lauren to get a cell phone plan for anew Zealand. We may or may not have meandered into a few other stores and did a tiny bit of shopping, but for the most part just wandered looking around at the cool things the shops had to offer. The coolest shop we went into was called Typo, which was a very cool styled shop with stationary items and other knick knacks.
We finished off our day with a beautiful walk down to the river where we saw a black swan, and then wandered down to the beach where they were having a Mountain Race Competition. The path following the ocean was fantastic with its rolling hills, sweeping grasses and scenery of the mountains in the distance.

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Want a fantastic blog. Really enjoyed the read. Bought back wonderful memories of our visit to NZ last year. We visited most of the places you visited but in reverse order. Hooker valley was absolutely breathtaking. Well done Valerie