11:30 am

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After a 3 and a half hour bus ride, and a well needed rest stop, we made it to Lake Tekapo. The entire ride my eyes were glued to the window watching the fields, hillside and eventually mountains pass by as we drove closer and closer. Many of the pastures were spotted with sheep roaming the hillside, others with dairy cows and horses.
When we got off the bus next to a strip of stores we grabbed our bags and got our bearings. After about a 20 minute walk along the lakeside, we arrived at the lake Tekapo motel and holiday park reception.
As soon as we were set up we grabbed lunch and our swimming suits and walked across the path to the beach. I had finished lunch first so I wandered down to the water to test the temperature and immediately knew that Lauren was not going to be swimming. Since the lake is glacier fed it was a little on the chilly side. I went in anyways walking in quickly not to let my body have time to react to the cold and only stayed in for a few minutes. It was nice once you were in and very refreshing. The water was so blue and clear, comparable to blue koolaid. I know get it why they call it "pure New Zealand".

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