4:00 pm

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The cutest church i have seen yet.

The stonework on the church is still the original stone work, holding a true piece of history intact. Upon entering the church there is a sign that stated enter at your own risk, although considering the time frame it has been standing for the church was still in good standing.
The landscape paired with the church made for a gorgeous photograph, that is if you could be patient enough to wait for 3 tour busses full of people to get out of the way.
We waited around a little trying to crop our photos in order to not have a group of random people in them, but instead decided that we would come back in the evening closer to golden hour and try and get some photos hoping that there would be less people.

Our plan kind of worked and we were able to get a few photos but there was still quite a few people there so by the time we got our photo the sun had disappeared behind the clouds.

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