5:30 pm

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My first trail ever that i have completed bare foot!
With the intention of only wandering into the forest a little ways of course with me turned into lets go further, to where the lookout is. Instead of going for the full hour and a half loop, we walked as far as the first scenic lookout then turning back to start in on dinner.

The pathway was soft with a mixture of sand, pine needles and a few stones here and there. The trees were mostly pine and spruce, with straight tall trunks reaching high up into the sky. The forest was cool and calming with very little noise other than the wind and the odd person passing by. I had a few comments, both from older men on my barefoot tramping (hiking), stating how brave or how cool it was to see. For me it was my way of trying to connect with nature on a new level and to try something new. It was overall an enjoyable adventure and I would definitely walk barefoot again as long as the terrain is conducive.

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