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This trail had three bridge crossings all pretty spread out from one another.
The first one being the smallest of them all and the most sheltered from the crossed the first one no problem continuing on further into the valley. As the valley rounded the bend of the mountain range it narrowed into a smaller valley surrounded by mountains on all three sides. The largest mountain of them all being Mt Cook, with the top sections covered in snow threatened to fall with the next gust of wind.
When we reached the second suspension bridge Lauren had decided she didn't want to cross it since the wind was much stronger here, so she stayed on that end while I crossed and quickly checked out the view around the corner. This is when the first valley opened into the second one, giving you the first glance of Mt Cook. After talking to a couple sitting on the picnic bench, suggesting that we go all the way and that it was definitely worth the trek, especially considering we were so close. I walked back over to Lauren, and convinced her that the view was spectacular and that if she wasn't up to it I was going to continue alone. Since there were so many people on the trail I was not worried about hiking it alone.
In the end she decided that she would, so we hiked on with the end goal of seeing the ice chunks floating in the lake with the picturesque view of the mountains in the background.

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