8:30 pm

Star 1


When we rounded the last hill overlooking the glacier lake and Mt Cook, the view was breathtaking. In awe we both stared forward as we defended the last portion before reaching the lookout without barely saying a word.
I could of sat there all day staring at the mountains watching the clouds pass over. Since it was an hour and a half walk in, we knew we still had an hour and a half to go to get back to our tent. The track being a little over 5 km in length.
We captured a few photos and I attempted a headstand and being knocked over the first time by a gust but I got it the second time. When I did the people sitting at the lookout all clapped and cheered. I thought it was funny that they were so impressed, I guess I'm just used to being around a group of people that know I am capable of it.
Before turning back we took one last look and figured we probably had enough photos by this point that we could start giving some away.
The hike back was just as beautiful offering a few different angles on the scenery we passed while lighting it up with the suns rays.

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