11:30 am

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Up at 4 am Lauren and I woke to the sounds of the rain pounding down on the tent. The sides of the tent slowly seeping water, we quickly pulled our things away from the sides as far as we could but some things were already soaked. We spread the tarp across the floor working our way from Lauren's side to mine moving our things section by section. It had been pouring rain since midnight and the ground along with the base of our tent was saturated with water.
When we woke in the morning the rain was still pouring down with no hint of letting up. There were puddles in the corners and almost the entire base of the tent was wet although the tarp had saved us to some degree. We packed up our things trying to keep what was still semi dry, dry by separating all of the soaked items. As soon as the rain let up a little, we quickly grabbed our packed bags from inside the tent and ran them across the campground to the covered kitchen facility then returned for the tent. It was probably the quickest we have taken down the tent yet, trying not to get soaked in the process.
For the next couple hours we hung out in the kitchen, making breakfast, and attempting to dry out what we could of our gear.
Talking to the other people in the kitchen, they had all had similar issues with the rain, with varying degrees. Some people said some rain got in and others said everything of theirs was soaked. We figured we had done okay considering most of our things had remainder dry.

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