5:30 pm

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Bussing into Cromwell, the rain had not let up for the entire drive. When we got off the bus the rain had lightened up momentarily so we quickly made our way to the grocery store only about a block away. After wandering through the store with our damp bags we had picked up some soup and noodles to try and warm ourselves up, knowing that we would be climbing back into our wet tent for the night and no possibilities of drying things out before bed since it was already dinner time.
When we got outside the shop the rain had changed back to a downpour again. The clouds were not looking as if they we're going to lift anytime soon, so we waited a few moments with high hopes that it would let up. In the meantime I started talking to a guy named Bruce, who happened to be the police Sargent of Cromwell. In the end he offered us a ride to the campground. During the drive there he offered for us to stay at his place in order to have a change to dry out our tent, saying that his wife would be mad if she knew he dropped us off in the pouring rain. When we arrived, Sue had met us at the door welcoming us in. They were both extremely nice, and had even made us dinner and bought us ice cream cones as a dessert explaining that it was kiwi tradition. They had bought two new kinds we hadn't heard of, one being jolly lolly and the other hokey pokey. I ended up choosing cookies and cream, and Lauren, Hokey Pokey.
In the morning we gathered our now dry gear from the garage, packed up our bags and sat down for breakfast with Sue before driving us back to the bus stop to catch our 8:30am bus to Dunedin.

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