9:30 am

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With the weather being a little dreary we decided that instead of heading out to the peninsula today to check out the castle and the gardens that instead we would tour the town and that way if it did start raining we would at least have some shelter options.
We wandered in and out of a few shops starting with the ones closest to the bus stop (octagon). Lauren was looking for a hat so that she would be able to sleep a little warmer because the nights here were starting to become a little cooler the further we travelled south.
After a little while we tired of the shops and decided to find a nice spot to sit for lunch. We found a small little park beside a church, so we sat on the park bench and ate our cheese and crackers. Once we were finished we wandered around a few more blocks beginning to stray from the main strip, and we came across the Otago Museum and decided to check it out. The first two floors were free entry, and encompasses the history of the region and the native people of Oceania.
We only ended up looking around the first floor before we had come to the conclusion that we were both exhausted and ready to head back to the campground. When we got back we spent the remainder of the day hanging out in the holiday park tv room enjoying ourselves some down time on the couches, with a mixture of tv, Internet and planning for the remainder of our time on the South Island.

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