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After lunch we got on a bus and made our way over the the Glenfalloch Gardens on the peninsula along the windy road just before Macandrew Bag.

When we reached the beginning to the path there was an interpretive sign explaining the different types of trails throughout the garden. The main paths were all close to the start, winding in and around different flower beds and labelled for a nice stroll. The second type of path was labelled for people who are looking to walk a little further and the final and third type of path was labelled for the adventurous hikers.
We began in unsure of the scale of the gardens because the map unfortunately didn't tell us how far the trails went. When we got to the first area that we wanted to check out, we realized quite quickly that the gardens were not very big at all. Winding our way down the paths we passed a small little stream with a bridge and continued from the first type of path to the second, changing from a paved path to a wood chip/ mulched path. This led us further on and eventually turned into a path of stomped down grass heading back towards the wooded area following up the steep bank along the stream. There was supposed to be a waterfall at the end but unfortunately there was not enough water running through to even make a small waterfall. We continued on and instead went to the lookout. Although the gardens were small we still managed to spend a fair bit of time wandering around up as far as the old stone wall separating the properties. The flowers were beautiful, along with the homestead located near the beginning of the trail, and the sound of goats in the background really pulled the whole experience together.
When we reached the bottom of the hill again, as we made our way out of the gardens we realized that in the time we were gone, a group of people had arrived for a wedding reception, so dressed in our hikers and fleece we made our way by the crowd of people dressed up in wedding attire.

On our bus ride in a couple from the area had suggested that we walk down to Macandrew Bay after the gardens following the trail along the waters edge. The path winding alongside the road passing house shacks floating anchored to the land. The birds seemed to love the decks of the houses for perching on, away from pedestrians and the traffic. The majority of them being seagulls, but the other half a new one for us. We found out later that they are called Pied shags, otherwise known as cormorants.

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