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Our journey to Larnach Castle began with our walk to the peninsula. Since the holiday park we were located at only had busses that headed downtown we decided we would walk closer to the peninsula in order to catch a bus, since the castle was located 12km down the road from the beginning of the peninsula. After a bit of a fiasco in finding the bus stop we finally made it there just in time for the bus to pass through. Since it was a Sunday the bus service came very rarely so if we wouldn't of caught this bus then it wasn't worth it to go to the castle. Thankfully we made it on time. During the bus ride the bus driver had told us he would drop us off at the base of the trail that would take us straight up the hill. Instead of taking the main walking track, he suggested this one for its straightforward directions, and shorter distance to the castle. It is also a less travelled route and offered great scenery. Excited to get to the castle and begin up this side trail, we quickly ate our lunch and began the climb. Happy that the bus driver had told us about this trail instead, we hoofed it about half way up along this goat track before turning and taking in the view. On either side of us there were rolling hills of farm pasture scattered with goats, a homestead off in the distance and the view of the harbor below displaying the several islands grouped together. Standing there you truly got the feeling as though you were standing in the center of Ireland's hilly landscape. Once we caught our breath we continued up the hill passing a few homesteads and winding our way along the gravel road into a forested area with large overhanging trees shading us from the mid day sun.

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