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With it being our last day in Oamaru and we had already toured the town so we decided to explore the bluff and see the town from a different level. The lookout point was just on the other side of the harbour where we had viewed the Penguins the night before.
After dinner we walked up the hill following the streets and the signs leading us to the lookout. The entire hike was a nice steep incline so our legs were happy when the ground finally levelled out. Although by this point I was actually starting to get used to climbing uphill.
As we rounded the corner the view opened up overlooking the harbour, the wharfs, and the streets of Oamaru.
The main area of the lookout was next to the car park, but instead of just stopping there, we followed a series of trails networking together across the hilly landscape leading us towards the edge of the bluff eventually dropping off a cliffs edge to the ocean. I had been interested in checking out the trail that wound its way along the cliffs edge, but unfortunately it had been closed down due to erosion and apparently no longer deemed safe, hence why we took the hillside track instead.
The trail network was a series of bike and walking tracks winding and intertwining across the hills and valleys. It didn't take us long to reach the end of the trail where a bench was positioned facing the harbour. I was hoping to get a good view looking along the coastline, but a few hundred yards short of the crest of the hill, a farmers fence blocked us from travelling further. It was probably just as well, since dusk was beginning to turn to darkness. I had brought my headlamp along just incase, but since the landscape was so open, there was nothing blocking the light from the full moon that was quickly rising into the night sky.
After a few photos we began making our way back, this time following one of the smaller trails back and eventually linking up with the main walking track. When we reached the car park there was only one car left, and it looked as though they were leaving as well.
The sunset and the moon, made for an extra special evening walk where the scenic views of Oamaru are the main attraction for the lookout, I always enjoy it when the weather adds a few extra elements.

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