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Once we pulled into Milford Sound, our bus driver pulled over next to the road where the Milford Sound Lodge was so that we wouldn't have to walk back from town. Negin, one of the girls I had met while in Te Anau was also travelling to the lodge on the same bus, so we all hopped off together and walked down to the lodge.
Since it was still morning, and we couldn't check in yet, we stored our bags in the storage room, grabbed a bite to eat and walked up the road to the Tutoko Mountain lookout, where a suspension bridge stretched across the river providing you with a view of the mountain off in the distance. The hike to the bridge and back was only about 3 km round trip so it brought us back around 3:30 to the lodge where we were able to check into our rooms.
As soon as everything was squared away we continued exploring. First heading down to the Deep water basin & airport by following the rocky path that lead us along the rivers edge. Realizing that the road it brought us out onto didn't actually take us to the fiord, we walked back up the road about 500m and turned down the main road leading to the ferry terminal. After about 2 minutes walking along the side of the road we noticed a path and took that instead. It lead us directly to the fiord and branching off to the foreshore loop track. Since we were still good for time, we wandered up the trail to the furthest point of the loop where it opened up to a grand view of Milford sounds most iconic back drop.
We took this opportunity to wander out to the waters edge to take some photos and poke about. I had stepped right up to the edge of the stones where the water began, and as I took my photo a boat driving by in the distance had created enough of a wake, for the small waves to encroach on where I was standing so I quickly backed up so my feet wouldn't get wet.
The black oyster catchers (birds) were loving the water as the milled about along the shoreline.
We ended up sitting on the bench for a little while taking a moment to let the view sink in, while the shade from the tree provided us with a cool spot to rest. As I sat there gazing off into the distance, I began to wonder if the bridge on the other side led to the set of falls next to the visitor Center.
When we got out to the visitor Center the lady at the desk said that it was closed to the public, but we were more than welcome to wander out onto the pier where you could get a half decent view of the falls from. We wandered down not staying long before making our way back to the lodge for dinner.

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