7:30 pm

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As we left to go back for dinner, we had tossed the idea of returning to watch the sunset around, but decided that we would wait until after dinner to make the decision.
In the end we decided that it would be worth it since we only had the one night in Milford and it had been a clear skies all day. The walk to the fiord only took us 13 minutes since it was just the two of us this time, and we had a mission to get there before it disappeared behind the mountains.
When we turned the corner the sun had just perfectly slid behind the mountains which made for a perfect setting for photos. We hopped around taking photos from different angles here and there, then wandered across the areas where the tide had gone out. The silhouettes of the mountains casting shadows onto the water creating a mirrored effect. The sandflys buzzing about and the crabs burrowing into their holes in the sand, we took one last look as the sky continued darkening we began our walk back to the lodge for the evening.

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