11:30 am

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When we rounded the last corner before the hut, the trail split into two directions, one leading to the hut and the other leading towards the caves. Since it was only 11:00 and the caves were only a 10 minute walk we decided to check them out first before going to the hut for a lunch break. The trail to the caves was along flat ground so it didn't take us long at all to reach them.
Since the caves were unguided I didn't imagine the access would be very good, so when we got there we followed the set of stairs that wound down into the darkness of the cave. I pulled out my headlamp and proceeded to the bottom of the stairs, approx 10 ft inside.
After taking a quick look around we decided that we would go no further than the bottom of the stairs since the rock bellow looked to be wet and possibly slippery. We instead headed back up to the trail and made our way back to the hut. It was interesting being inside of a cave without a guide but it also makes you a little more leery.

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