7:00 pm

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During our drive back into town, we passed some wildlife some on the side of the road and others in the middle of the road and of course along the way someone had mentioned the idea of gelato, therefore practically implanting the dangerous thought and forcing us to cave. We parked by the lake and walked to the edge of town where there was another Patagonia chocolate shop, with the same range of flavors we had in Queenstown. This time around, I tried the dark chocolate and Boisonberry flavours mixed together creating the ultimate combination of sweetness.
Once we had indulged, we figured maybe we should walk it off before heading back to make dinner. Ollie had suggested looking for the lonely tree, which we later found out was called the lone tree and was quite famous among tourists for its contrasting photo ops it offered of Lake Wanaka.
After dinner we reconvened, meeting at our hostel where we then wandered through the small town for something to do, since it was still quite early. In the end we ended up passing a small pub on the corner, where some live music was playing. The music was pleasant so we stopped to enjoy a cider and listen while chatting among ourselves. Since none of us really wanted to spend money of drinks we headed back to the hostel and sat in the courtyard on the comfy deck chairs where we hung out for the remainder of the evening.

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