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In the morning we were all awake and in the kitchen early so we could get our free breakfast. When I rolled out of bed, I realized that it was finally not raining anymore although the clouds were still threatening.
Everyone busied about doing their things and getting ready for the day, when the suggestion of attempting one of the trails came up. Since Lauren and I were already planning on it we figured why not all go together. Overall there were 5 of us that were up for the hike so we quickly gathered the things we wanted to bring and headed out.
The walk to the car park was around 2 km at first following the roadside, crossing a bridge and then winding its way along a path through the forest. We all walked as a group separating here and there to snap a photo, and busily chatting away.
When we reached the car park we checked out the maps seeing which trail we felt up to walking. There were two we were trying to decide between; the forest path and the pools. Since the rain seemed to be holding out we started with the forest path and figured if we still felt like walking after that then we would do the pool hike too.
For the most part I had been walking alongside Marley and Ulyua chatting about our travels and the things we passed. Since Marley had done a geology major we were able to talk a little about the types of rocks that lined the trail and some cool hikes back home and so on.
The trail eventually opened up to the glacier valley and as we exited the forest a cliff side created the perfect spot for 3 waterfalls to spill over the edge dropping down to the valley floor and joining to the river in the centre.
The trail sides lining with large rocks and boulders covered in red and green moss, creating a neat contrast in the landscape. The further we continued down the trail the rock intrusions and glacial carvings got increasingly more interesting. In the distance you could see the glacier holding its ground between the peaks and the misty clouds spilling over and into the valley giving the overall effect a mystical vibe. I could of easily continued but the rain was starting up again and we still had quite a long walk back. I packed away my iPad and camera into my dry bag thankful that I had brought one with and began the walk back. We didn't get to far along before the rain starting coming down hard, soaking us more and more by the minute. When we got back to the hostel everyone was soaked and dripping wet. Once we were all dry again we made some hot chocolate to warm our insides while we waited for another batch of our free warm soup.
With the remainder of the time, I taught Lauren how to do a hair wrap in Ulyua's hair and relaxed in our common room as people came and went filling the beds that had emptied that morning. After dinner we played another tournament of table soccer, this time with a few new players.

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