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Driving into Franz Joseph the low lying clouds created a mystic look to the small sleepy town, giving it the look of the pictures you see of Vietnam. Excited to get off the bus we walked into our hostel where the reception guy explained to us the flow of things. He explained that we were in the building across the car park called the Stables, and continued to tell us that everyday at 6pm there was free soup, and free breakfast.
Since it was only 4:30 we had some time before the soup would be ready so we walked over to our room, where we were greeted by two German girls. The room assigned to us held 9 beds in which were filled with the majority being girls.
We quickly made friends and proceeded to head to the kitchen together for our free soup with the added surprise of fresh pastries from the local bakery and a cup of tea.
Full and not yet ready to relax for the evening the whole group of us went for a walk around Franz Joseph. We toured the town, walking up one street and back down the only other one, we completed the tour in no time. Instead we made our way up towards the bridge that lead towards the glacier as far as crossing it and back.
When we returned to the hostel, one of the girls had mentioned there was a popcorn maker in the dinning area. I went over with Tony and Ulyua with full intentions of making some and returning to the room. Instead we met Jenna who was organizing a table soccer tournament in the communal area. Teams were being created based on home countries and we were quickly loured in. Two hours later, exhausted we returned to our room filled with excitement from the intense game and retired for the night.

The stables:
Marley - U.S. (Seattle)
Antonia (Tony) - Germany
Ulyua - Germany
Jenna - UK (England)

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