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Walking up to the beach hostel we we're staying at, I was super excited,because we were literally staying right on the beach. The sound of the waves echoing in my ears and the smell of the salty air flowing through my nose, we quickly made our way to the office where we got our room keys. The office filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods, cakes, cookies and. bread. Resisting temptation for the moment we picked our beds and went for a walk up the beach allowing the sand to flow between our toes again. Along the beach the sand changed from soft cold sand to warm granular sand to small rocks all of which the sea had done its job at pushing it to shore. Eventually we couldn't walk any further along the beach because the Punakaiki River joined in and was constantly being washed away with the waves. Near the mouth of the river a large rock outcrop stood on its own, although once upon a time was apart of the cliff side. The first 10ft or so of the rock was covered in muscles and barnacles revealing the highs of the water during high tide. We took our time wandering around and playing in the sand exploring the beach and searching for stones that caught our eye.
When we got back to the hostel, we had convinced Ollie to come and explore Punakaiki with us where he parked his car in the campground next door when he arrived after dinner.
We greeted him with some freshly baked cookies that we had purchased in the reception and wandered up and down the beach again, this time searching for green stones, meanwhile sipping on my cup of tea.
When we had checked in the man who owned the hostel had told us that there are exceptional sunsets here on the west coast so we made sure that we were back out on the beach by 7:30 which he was certain that would be when it would start to get good. Unfortunately the clouds had moved in on us creating a grey and white sheet and hiding the sunset. Once the little sun we did have went away the wind started to get a little chilly on the beach so we found a semi sheltered area on some benches at the hostel to hang out at.
I went in and made a pot of tea and brought out some mugs. We ended up sitting out there for a few hours while the sky turned to black allowing us to star gaze when the clouds created a clearing. I still find it difficult to identify the constellations from the Southern Hemisphere, but we were definitely giving it our best.

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