9:00 am

Star 1


Finally a morning where there were not a million alarms going off for hours, I was able to sleep in past 7am, and instead didn't get out of bed until 8:30. After breakfast, Lauren and I grabbed our things ready for the day and walked over to wake up Ollie. The night before he was unsure as to whether he wanted to join us for our morning hike, and after asking him again in the morning he had made his decision to stay behind and join us in the afternoon instead.
The trail head was only minutes away so we got a nice and early start allowing us to have the trail basically to ourselves, aside from our little winged friends.
As the trail curved though the valley, the landscape continually changed from open grassland, to dense rainforest, finally to a mixed forest, while all along following the river. The entire time we were walking along the trail the surrounding forest kept reminding me of jarrasic park, and around each corner we would find a new spot where we could imagine a dinosaur would hide. We only walked as far as the swing bridge and turned around, which in the end took us nearly 2 hours, which got us back in perfect time to get to pancake rocks for high tide.

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